Get Real— Not Everything Needs To Be Folded

Getting organized is one thing; going crazy and setting yourself up with an impossibly perfect system you can’t maintain is another.

I’m here to provide a list of things that do NOT need to be folded— just save yourself the time and the brain space. Think of it as permission from a professional organizer, if that helps you. (And obvious note: if you WANT to fold any of these things and that makes you happy, of course go right ahead).

But for the rest of us, here’s the list:

– underwear

– gym shorts (especially those silky/ satiny basketball shorts)

– sports bras

– women’s bathing suits

– PJs you are currently wearing (I recommend keeping these on a hook in the closet or behind a door)

– winter scarves (they more easily roll, hang on hooks, or they can be stowed on a hanger— see picture)

– socks (the traditional roll is fine OR if you want to really simplify just purchase one brand of white socks and one brand of dress socks— two bins, just pull any two socks from the same bin to make a pair)

– most clothes for baby (because honestly? that little t-shirt is going to get mac and cheese on it in about 10 seconds, so just have a drawer of tops and a drawer of bottoms. nicer items like winter pants or dress clothes can be hung up on little hangers)


Other tips:

– Especially when organizing for the Y Chromosome, I recommend hanging up as many different types of clothing as possible. (This avoids the folding situation completely, and has a better track record for maintenance).

– SOME things really do need to be folded. Besides the obvious clothing items (like sweaters, etc), some items in other areas of the home– like tarps and table cloths– take up far less space if you can take the time to fold them.