How I got to sit down for 2 hours and do WHAT I WANTED TO DO… and why I want that for you.

So I’m sitting here on my front porch, feeling incredibly grateful on this Sunday afternoon. Mostly because it’s what I WANT to do right this second.  My husband took care of the lawn work this morning and my 3 yr. old is down for a ‘real’ nap. I can’t remember the last time that I was able to sit down on a weekend afternoon (or any afternoon for that matter) and enjoy the beautiful weather outside and do something I love to do… write.

I want other people to be able to feel this on a Sunday afternoon.  I want YOU to.  Why am I going here? This freedom and peace comes from years of practice to get my life and schedule in a place that allows me to do this.

Lately at Charm City Organizers, our team has been working with some of the greatest clients and accomplishing the coolest things. Clearly we’re in the middle of move season, and I myself have only been in our new house for 2 months.  I’m astounded at how I’m able to enjoy this ‘self’ time right now in my own life. But I’m also patting myself on the back for the months of purging and planning before my move so that unpacking and settling in would be fairly seamless.

I know at least 3 other families this week who I can imagine are enjoying this same kind of down time in their new homes.

Amy, our executive organizer and COO, just mastered what I would consider the best move management job I can imagine. Every detail was thought out. Every direction was clear. Every color coded box went to its correct destination.  Even external ‘glitches’ (which are inevitable during any move) were handled with grace and skilled reaction.  Like when the movers showed up an hour late….our team FOUND organization to ‘do’ before they could start unpacking.

But the real whammy, as a direct result from having our team

  • purge for and pre-plan the move,
  • supervise packing,
  • and unpack this entire move and organize it from the beginning in the new house…THAT FAMILY (especially ‘Mom’) should be enjoying this Sunday afternoon as much as I am.

We are nothing without our team.  And because of the support, hard work, and dedication of MY team, I’m so grateful that we are out there every day of the week delivering potential peace and down time.  I’m grateful that others can experience what I’ve worked hard to experience! I’m so proud we’re teaching others how to reach their full potential and enable them to accomplish some big-ticket goals.  Quality of life is what a lot of people consider a priority. I agree.  Because when everything is organized enough for your style and speed of living, you get to do the things you WANT to do more often!