Why is it important to organize one’s small business?

Why is it important to organize one’s small business?

You may know that answer off the top of your head but knowing why in your gut and actually taking time to implement change are two very different things. So why? Why take the time to create a place for everything and build maintainable systems? Whether you’re a one-woman gig or office team of 20, it is crucial to set up systems and processes so that you can focus on what you do best and your business is more able to run itself. The most common reason we are called in is because busy professionals, especially business owners, get caught up in the minutia of business – the stuff that weighs down their schedule, their space, and their productivity; and typically the stuff that they themselves should be delegating or outsourcing. News flash! It’s not that we don’t have enough time in the day, it’s that we’re not managing the time we do have effectively.

Our clients in the corporate arena usually call us because they are overwhelmed or frustrated with:

• Paper control and flow

• File management (both paper and electronic)

• Time management / scheduling

• Task and project management

• Storage and common area work zones

• E-mail and other technologies / software that demand a learning curve & quick implementation

A typical conversation with someone considering organizing / productivity consulting goes something like this:

Me: “So tell me about what’s going on in your office.”

Client: “Where do I even begin?! There’s paper all over my desk. Piles even. I’m afraid I might be losing business because of the lack of good systems and not being able to find something quickly. Some days I have no idea what I even got done. I like it when things are organized, I just don’t have the time to stay on top of all of this stuff.”

At Charm City Organizers, we work with these busy professionals and small businesses to help them organize their work space and flow, whether it’s in the home or a professional setting. And of course, we help them establish better time management strategies in the process. When you’re trying to ‘do it all’, good systems can get left in the dust. It’s overwhelmingly clear that we need help and must delegate some of our work in order to be more productive and successful. More tasks and less time to accomplish them necessitates efficiency. However, we aren’t necessarily taught these skills, so for many of us, it’s trial and error. Yet business owners can’t afford to make errors on organizing and time management because those errors can ruin their chances of success. This is where a productivity consultant can be of real value. We are that 3rd who without judgment, can ask the right questions and devise the plan of action best suited to your business, your personality, and learning /working style. Once these things are revealed, the proper system (be it in your email inbox, office storage / inventory room, or filing cabinet) can be set up and taught how to maintain with ease. This process all leads to maximized efficiency and productivity in your work space.


Most people are pleasantly surprised to learn that at $95-125 an hour, a certified professional organizer will work 1 on 1 with a client for as little or as much time as necessary… or until that client feels that we are no longer needed. A typical client / business may work with an organizer for 3, 6 or 9 months. But it is becoming increasingly favorable to businesses to hire an organizer on a semi-annual or annual basis where we deliver a predetermined set of goals and outcomes each quarter; therefore freeing the client up to maximize their work efforts and areas of expertise, and more importantly, improving their bottom line. Maybe that’s getting out and making 6 more sales a month or maybe it’s the ability to take time to work on your strategic plan more often and actually sticking to your goals 9-12 months out. Imagine you’re a business with a lot of inventory or materials coming into your office space each month. Are there a lot of boxes (some packed, some unpacked) littering the floor around your desk or in the hall? Are you a bit embarrassed to have clients visit your place of business, quickly stashing things behind curtains when you have visitors? What if you had an organizer come in on a monthly or bi-weekly basis to maintain that inventory and system so you never have to search for something again? Or perhaps you find yourself checking email 80% of your day and wondering at 5pm what you actually got accomplished? We all struggle with these things, so instead of seeing this as just another possible solution to throw money at, ask yourself: “If I invest now in learning and implementing these skills, how will my business and my life improve long term? If I learn the good habits of maintaining a less cluttered and less stressful workspace and lifestyle, what would I spend my time on?” Would you hit more golf balls during the week? Or get to more of your daughter’s soccer games? How much is that worth to you?

– Submitted by Mary Cate Claudias

Founder / CEO, Charm City Organizers, LLC


Charm City Organizers, LLC is a Baltimore-based Professional Organizing company servicing Baltimore and the greater Maryland areas.