Spring Has Sprung! And so have those garage door hinges….

How to get that garage into good-weather-working order:

  1. Have a plan. 

    Doesn’t need to be fancy – but that’s the first thing professional organizers do after evaluating a space.  Take into account the items to be dealt with.  What tools will you need?  Will you need others to help you move or lift things?  Will a dump run need to be scheduled?  Charity run too?  If thought out in advance, these little things will help alleviate the unfinished project toward the end.  Most importantly – schedule some time on your calendar and stick to it.  Don’t try and complete your entire garage in one weekend unless you really have the time and resources.  As usual, a little at a time can win the race.

  2. Group like items. 

    Tools all together.  Large items that can hang (yard appliances / tools, bikes, wheelbarrow, etc.)  Sports / activities.  You get the idea.  As you’re sorting, make solid decisions on what’s being used and what’s not.  If it hasn’t been used in a year or so, go ahead and get rid of it – trash or donate.  Yes you can… even if you paid that much for it.  Ask yourself how valuable your space is now to you vs. that item that hasn’t been touched in 2 years.  Now that you’ve finished sorting and purging….

    Organized Garage

  3. Take an inventory. 

    Again – nothing fancy. But make a list of the groups of items left that will be kept.  How big a container or bin will you need to fit all the balls and sticks?  Or how sturdy do the shelves need to be to hold the circulating saw and tool boxes?  BIG TIP!  Do NOT keep paint cans (and dispose of them properly). They waste space and you won’t be able to ‘touch up’ down the line anyway because paint fades on walls. The color match won’t be true.  If you want to keep the color code and label info, just take a picture or keep a list somewhere accessible (your phone is good) for each room color.

  4. Stick with it. 

    You’ve done the hard part.  Want to do it all over again in a year?!  Of course not…. So please maintain it.  Simply get yourself and your family members into the good habit of putting things back in their homes after they’ve been used.  Positive rewards are great to help build these life-skill habits.  And after one season of this good diligence, you’ll be so rewarded next Spring when your garage is season-ready!

As always – when you get stuck on the decision making process or even with the heavy lifting, that’s what we’re here for.  Just give us a call and we’ll be on the way.  We do offer team organizing so we could get that garage (depending on the state) done over a weekend or maybe even a day!

Now get outside and enjoy this weather!  After you clean up the garage of course…. 🙂