The Best Stuff I Hear From Clients Over and Over Again…

I get a kick out of it every time I hear these things, which is during most sessions I have with most clients.  And this is NOT mocking one single person I’ve worked with.  It’s simply to shed some light on the ‘secrets’ of staying organized and the dirty little secrets of remaining disorganized.  I’m not saying that all of these woes will be cured over night but once again my friends, you will save time, money and sanity from getting rid of the clutter and putting together systems that work for YOU.

Just normal thoughts coming from normal people but most will inevitably say out loud throughout the process of organizing:

  • “OMG – I’ve been looking for that!”
  • “Oh #*%$…. I just bought one of these the other day!”
  • “Wow, I forgot we had / bought that.”
  • “I think we have like, 3 of these around the house.”
  • “I can’t give that away.  I spent so much money on it 5 years ago.”
  • “I can’t believe I used to wear this!” (usually from the ‘80s)
  • “But my kids might want to wear / use / play with that….” (P.S. – No they won’t.)
  • “I haven’t seen this in years.”

Sound familiar?  Well the next time you tackle the basement or garage, listen to what you’re actually saying about the things you come across.  Purging and decluttering a space can be a grueling, monotonous chore, OR it can be a very freeing, relieving process that will offer immediate satisfaction and accomplishment when completed.  I like the latter one personally every time I have to face my basement… again.  Yes, Organizers need to clean-out and organize too.

To your organizing accomplishments,

Mary Cate