Welcome Heather Dempsey!

I love this part of my job!

So happy to introduce you to our newest Professional Organizer, Heather Dempsey.

Heather comes to us from a fabulous combo of work experience, including office management, pre-school education, and even graphic design and web development. She is and always has been passionate about organizing and ‘order’ and I know our clients will love working with her.

In her own words: “Ever since I was little (according to my mom), I used to rearrange my crayons in their box by color, and had ‘cleaning parties’ when my friends would come over (emptying and reorganizing closets). No matter the reason, organizing has always been part of my lifestyle.”

Yes, Heather.  We get it 🙂  We are a special breed and you have found your people!

Welcome to the CCO team.